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Propane is Propane, no matter where you get it.









It's our Service that makes it Advanced.

It is what it is.  We may not be able to improve our product, but we CAN offer the most advanced level of service, with the most added perks, in town.  

We pride ourselves on offering the friendliest, strongest, and most reliable service you can find in the industry, and we keep things simple and easy to understand.  See below how we set ourselves apart and how we can streamline your home and business life, then call us today to set up an initial appointment.  

Residential Customers

  • No tank rental fees
  • No contracts
  • Simple billing statements
  • No hidden fees or unexplained charges
  • Discount on first fill
  • Competitive pricing based on fair market value
  • Monthly payment plans available
  • Discounted rates for automatic monthly payments
  • Online bill pay coming soon!

Commercial Customers

  • Forklift tanks provided with no tank rental fees
  • No delivery fees
  • No HazMat fees
  • Customized delivery schedule available to keep your business running, including Saturdays
  • Remote jobsite delivery available at no extra charge
  • Dispensers available for large tanks as needed
  • Employee Discount
  • Online bill pay coming soon!